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Trust in journalism is near a record low — only 34% of Americans say they have a fair amount of trust in the media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly. With CivicWire, we’re creating a new standard for transparency.

Many of the news articles you read are largely based on information provided to journalists by official sources. This is particularly true for crime, accidents and breaking news in general, and especially when it just happened.

How can we ensure this information is quoted accurately and fully, without omitting critical facts? While those details are theoretically public information, they can be hard to find for citizens. This is what CivicWire aims to address.

Our platform is designed to consolidate the scattered landscape of news dissemination, offering a unified space for official sources to provide emergency alerts, live updates, press releases, and raw content such as bodycam footage, photos and court documents.

This direct access to source material — all on one platform — will empower citizens and journalists alike to verify the facts, gather information, and reduce the potential for misinformation.

Drawing off best practices from around the world, including the U.S. and Europe, we aim to reform how news is released. CivicWire aspires to improve the overall news environment, making it more transparent, accountable, and beneficial for all.

CivicWire is an international effort with journalists from Europe, the United States, and Mexico, led by Michael van Poppel, the founder of BNO News and Twitter’s @BreakingNews.

By backing CivicWire, you’re not only supporting our cause but investing in a future of news that’s more accessible, trustworthy, and factual. Join us today and help us create a new standard for transparency in journalism and government — on a global scale.

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